Jon and Roy, Current Swell, , Daniel Wesley, Ryan McMahon

Sat. July 16th 2022 at Snug Cove Musicfest Bowen Island BC (All Ages)
Featuring Current Swell, Jon and Roy, Jesse Roper, Daniel Wesley and Ryan McMahon.
July 16, 2022 at the Union SteamShip Co. Marina, Bowen Island, BC
The fun starts at 1:00pm and will wrap up before 10pm.
All ages welcome.

Buy your tickets in April, and they are $65 ea, inclusive of all taxes and fees. After that, the price is $75 ea., again inclusive of all taxes and fees.

There is special pricing for youth/kids - $5 for kids aged 12 and under and $32.50 (i.e. half the price of a full price early bird ticket) for Youth aged 13 to 18, again inclusive of all taxes and fees. Unlike adult tickets, youth/kid prices apply regardless of when purchased. Please seeYouth & Kids Tickets/Policy below for important details if you are aged 18 or under, or a person aged 18 or under is accompanying you.

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Events like this don’t happen without dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our amazing volunteer coordinator, Maureen Sawasy at msawasy [at] And thank you!