Digital Downloads

On this page, you can listen to or purchase high quality mp3 versions of our albums. If you prefer CDs or Vinyl see the store page.

Red Bird

Red Bird  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Chains of Love  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Little Gold Nugget  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Fool in Love  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Quality Time  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
The Hurricane's Eye  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Any Time of Night  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Hideaway  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
The Good Life  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Come From Nothing  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Apparition  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Journey Man  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS

Son of John

Hail Marry  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Yukon Girl  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
I Ain't Ready  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Sick of You  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
High Times  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Eric's Got a Baby  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Shiny Round Nickel  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Cave Man  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
One Tune  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Hope  PLAY$1.00
Sex Swing  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS

The Roper Show EP

Moving To Toronto  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
London Gin  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Bill Payin' Blues  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Sugar Daddy  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Empty Pillow  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Rockin' Chair  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
Grow Up  PLAY$1.00 LYRICS
The Roper Show  PLAY$1.00



This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government of Canada and Canada's private radio broadcasters.
Ce projet est financé en partie par FACTOR, le gouvernement du Canada et les radiodiffuseurs privés du Canada.